Szőlő - Agrobiológia


13 Sep 2023


magyar zászlóFields of research of the Department of Agricultural Biology

The main research topics of the Department are the followings: the occurrence and effect of mycotoxins in natural communities; study of the botanical origin, bioactivity and mineral content of honey; fermentation technology, food technology and oenological research, the development of a grape pruning robot. The Department cooperates with a wide range of partner institutions.

Research topics

  • Development of precision pruning robot and intelligent platform based on image processing and artificial intelligence (2020-1.1.2-PIACI-KFI-2020-00097)
  • Determination of deer diet in the context of mycotoxin infection
  • Study the potential influence of mycotoxins in population decrease of brown hare and roe deer in lowland habitats.
  • Genetic study of Carnivores
  • Development of a self-calibrating hydrogen sulfide measuring device supporting digitalization in wine industry (PTE Proof of Concepts, 2023)
  • Botanical origin, bioactive compounds and biological activity of Hungarian honeys