12 Dec 2022

MSc Study Programs

  • Degree: MSc (Master of Science)
  • Duration of training: 4 semesters/2 academic years
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Completed Credits: 120
  • Application requirements: Submitted online application form and completed oral entrance exam in English via Skype/VideoChat
  • Deadline for application: 30/June
  • Non-refundable application fee: EUR 140
  • Tuition fee: EUR 8000/Academic year
About the recognition of your previous BA/BSc studies:

The credits and courses of your previously completed BA/BSc program will be evaluated during the application process. Please note, that we are not able to provide you preliminary analysis of your BA/BSc studies and their possible acceptance before you actually submit your application. The enrolment to any of the offered master's degree programs is conditional in case the previously completed BA/BSc degree differs from your chosen master's study field. In this case, missing credits from BA/BSc level may be prescribed to obtain and complete during the master studies as specified in the Code of Studies and Examinations of the University of Pécs.