31 Mar 2023

Professional Practice


The completion of professional practice during the programme has been obligatory since 2010, according to the Training and Outcome Requirements (TOR). The practice can be finished in one run (during the summer), or in separate periods (in one-week units at least). The place can either be one of the University’s training establishments (university campus, government, laboratory, training school etc.) or an external company, chosen by the student and approved by his/her educating University institute. The completion of the practice shall be proved by the student’s appropriate certificate and a referral. This referral is evaluated by the head of the programme, or a teacher appointed by him/her. The completed practice shall be administered to the electronic study system by the Registrar’s Office.

The professional practice is a requirement to obtain the pre-degree certificate (absolutorium)!

Corresponding regulations, formulas

Tasks, process of completion

  1. The student decides the place and time frame (one-week periods at least) of the professional practice. Responsible person/authority: Student
  2. The student fills out the application form and has it filled out by the place of professional practice as well, and then he/she gives it to the RO at least 30 days before the beginning of the practice. Responsible person/authority: Student
  3. The head of the programme, or the appointed teacher evaluates the referral. Responsible person/authority: Student and Teacher.
  4. The student hands the certificate and referral to the Registrar’s Office. Responsible person/authority: Student
  5. The Registrar’s Office administers the completion in the electronic study system. Responsible person/authority: Registrar’s Office

Information to potential places of professional practice

The agreement of cooperation to be signed between the University of Pécs (PTE) and the institute/company of professional practice is issued by PTE, based on the application and acceptance formula (Appendix 2) submitted by the student. We inform the professional practice facilities that agreements issued preliminarily, without consulting with PTE are not acceptable. The documents below are only available for the purpose of informing the professional practice facility.

Teachers responsible for the evaluation of the professional practice referrals

Institute of Chemistry: Prof. Dr. László Kollár full professor

Computer Science BSc: Dr. Margit Pap associate professor, head of the institute