4 Sep 2023

KEMNA1202 – Physical chemistry I. seminar

magyar zászlóSeminar problems (pdf):

P1-P9: Ideal and real gases
P10-P14: 1st law of thermodynamics
P15-P20: Thermochemistry
P21-P26: 2nd and 3rd law of TD
P27-P33: Potential functions, 1-component systems
P34-P41: Mixtures
P42-P45: Phase rule
P46-P56: Chemical equilibrium
P57-P63: Thermodynamics of electrodes and galvanic cells

Further downloads:

Data tables for plotting (xls format)

Derivation and integration rules

SciDAVis download (open source software)

SciDAVis handbook (manual)



  • Date and place will be announced later.
Based on the score you get on the CLOSING TEST, the final grades will be as follows:
  1. below 49% – fail (1)
  2. 50-69% – pass (2)
  3. 70-79% – average (3)
  4. 80-89% – good (4)
  5. above 90% – excellent (5)

re-take of the closing test:

If a student wants to improve her/his grade in the CLOSING TEST, there will be a re-take opportunity.

  • Date and place will be announced later.

minimum test:

If the CLOSING TEST and its re-take are unsuccessful (fail (1)), the final grade (max. pass (2)) can be obtained by a later minimum test.

  • Date and place will be announced later.