25 Jun 2024


Graduation Ceremony - 7th July, 2024

Dear Graduates,

The Faculty of Science of the University of Pécs invites you and your relatives to our graduation ceremony.

Date of the ceremony: 7th July, 2024 (Sunday) 11 a.m., Place of the ceremony: Faculty of Medical School Aula, Szigeti Street 12,. Students are kindly requested to arrive by 9 a.m., gathering in front of the entrance to the Hall. Dressing and taking your seats are about an hour and a half.

The maximum number of people present at the ceremony at one time is 800, 200 are graduates sand 600 are related. Thus, 3-3 main guests can take part in the ceremony with each graduate. We can accept the application of the first 200 graduates.

Applying to attend the graduation ceremony:

Students will receive their diploma in a gown (special robe, cap, gloves), the rental fee for the robe is HUF 5,500, which must be paid via Neptun by 30th July 2024 at the latest. Paying the fee is also an application to attend the graduation ceremony.

Dress code: suitable clothing for the occasion is required under the gown! Required clothing for ladies: suit or dress with closed (front and back) casual shoes, for gentlemen: dark suit, tie, dark shoes with laces. In certain weather conditions, candidates can of course wear lighter clothing other than described in the dress code under the gown!

During the event, a professional photographer will take photos of the candidates which will be uploaded to the website, then they can be viewed/printed.

How to pay the fee via Neptune:

Finances/ Payment/ Transcribe item/ Payment title: service/ Participation fee of the Graduation Ceremony HUF 5500

After the ceremony, you have got an half hour (30 minutes) to be photographed in the gown, then please take off the dresses at the place where they were picked up.

Relatives and guests can only enter the ceremony with a ticket. 3 tickets can be taken per student for relatives. They can be picked up at The Front Office of the RO, A218, between 1st - 5th July, during the opening hours (from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.) or before the ceremony. Tickets can be picked up by the student.

You are kindly asked to pay all other financial debts by June 30, 2024 at the latest.

Short schedule of the program:

* Arrival of candidates, 9 a.m. Please arrive on time! Arrive - gathering in entrance of the front door, administrative steps
* during the 90 Minutes Dressing, taking seats (list of students considering their study programs)
* 11 a.m. Entrance of the Presidency, Anthem, Opening speech
Student speech (1)
Taking oath
Delivery of Diplomas
Greetings from the Dean
Student speech (2)
Closing of the ceremony, the Second National Anthem of Hungary
According to tradition: The act of throwing caps
Departure of the Presidency

The process of calculating the Grade Point Average
BSc: 60% (the weighted averages) + 10% Thesis +30% State Exam
MSc: 40% (the weighted averages) +30% Thesis+30% State Exam