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30 Jan 2024

GreenPE project

GreenPE-An innovative Physical Education model for sustainable personal and environmental health

Green PE

Focus area: Education and capacity building, improving hard and soft skills for the 21st century through formal and non-formal educational methods

Grant support: 26.700 €

GreenPE will create, establish, and validate the effects of an innovative physical education (PE) curriculum towards environmental and health sustainability. Experts will deliver low-energy-cost outdoor physical activity to the general university student population to target mental and physical fitness, and health behavior, of which quantitative and qualitative pilot data will be collected.

GreenPE organizes and sets up a physical, dietary, and mental health counselling menu administered in a 20-wk-long pilot intervention, for which fifteen students per partner will be recruited in parallel. From wk 1 to 14 (study period), two outdoor PE sessions and one theoretical lecture on the concepts of fitness and wellness will be conducted by one or two GreenPE experts (PE/fitness instructor) and their two sport student peers per partner. Additionally, participants will individually perform one home-based physical activity session per week.

Considering recent scientific, methodological, and safety recommendations, trainers will gradually get the students accustomed to the cold environment during outdoor sessions. Students will also learn how various weather conditions affect physiological and psychical parameters By the end of the study period, as part of their end-term requirements, participants prepare their individual home-based workout program, which they realize in their exam period, from wk 15 to 20. Before and after the study period, and at the end of the exam period, participants will be assessed on mental and physical health status and knowledge using standard fitness test batteries, blood analyses on inflammation and immunological markers, as well as psychological, sociological, and health literacy questionnaires. All tests will be conducted after receiving ethical approval and written informed consent.

Planned events:

from to Country City Title
26/02/2024 26/02/2024 Hungary Pecs Kick-off meeting
01/06/2024 10/06/2024 Online Online Workshop for GreenPE experts
05/06/2025 14/06/2025 Slovakia Ruzomberok Closing event

Project coordinator
Name: Mark Vaczi
Institute: University of Pecs, Faculty of Sciences, Institute of Sport Sciences and Physical Education
Address: Ifjusag utja 6, 7624 Pecs, Hungary
Phone: +36 72503600/24148
E-mail: vaczi


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