20 Jan 2023


Current informations - Spring semester

1. Registration for the semester – Registration in Neptun for the spring semester started on 17/01/2023 and the deadline is 06/02/2023 at 24:00. For the registration click on the Enrolment/Registration at the Administration, and click on the + sign at the end of the 2022/23/2 semester and choose Enrol.

2. Pre-scheduled exam period – There will be pre-scheduled exam between 30/01/2023-03/02/2023. Pre-scheduled exam can be taken in exam courses which have exams announced by the lecturer. Registration for these exams will start on 26/01/2022. 8:00.

3. Timetable – The timetables of the courses are continuously registered into Neptune, where they can be viewed.

4. Registration for subjects and courses – The period of registration for courses start on 26/01/2023, on Thursday, at 8:00 and will finish on 10/02/2023, on Friday, at 24:00 for all Trainings. The period of registration for Campus courses and the courses of the Sport Centre start on 02/02/2022, on Monday, at 8:00 and will finish on 16/02/2023, at 24:00.

5. Education – The education in the spring semester will start on 06/02/2023, solely with the personal presence of the students.