20 Nov 2023

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Did you know that you have a vast number of opportunities regarding your career plans in the field of natural and sports sciences? If you are still unsure about your chances after graduating from one of our programmes, then let us show you some examples. Check out our career-models, which present you with lots of job opportunities, and pathways.

You will have several possibilities, should you choose the Institute of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences!

Career-models: Biology

Possibilities given by the programmes taught by the Institute of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, are ripe for the taking!

Career-models for Physics students

The programmes of the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, UP are full of opportunities, which wait just for you to discover and grasp them!

Career-models for Geo+ES Applicants

Are you interested in how the world works? By choosing the programmes of the Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, UP, you can delve deep into lots of exciting opportunities!

Career-models for Chemistry applicants

If you understand the language of IT and numbers, then it is time for you to join our programmes and devise your future!

Career-models for Maths+IT applicants

If you choose a programme offered by the Institute of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, a vast number of career opportunities await you!

Career-models for PT applicants