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21 Dec 2022

Summer and Winter Schools

The summer and winter schools organised by the University of Pécs not only expands students’ knowledge in their academic fields of study, but also ensures that students will also gain enriching, first-hand experiences in Europe while being immersed in the unique and welcoming Hungarian culture. Apart from having fun and making new friends, students can also gain ECTS credits towards the end of summer/winter school program.

University of Pécs is continuously organising such schools throughout the breaks and actively enrolled students alongwith students from partner instititutes are invited to enroll in these adventurous yet nurturing programs. Apart from this, some schools also invite applications from international students globally as well.

There is also a possibility to join the custom-made summer schools in the given fields of natural sciences:

Sustainable Water Resource Management and Wetlands Rehabilitation in Central Europe

The program focuses on the following topics: Wetland rehabilitation, smart storm water management, the effect of the EU Water Framework Directive on sustainable water resources management, and remote sensing and GIS tools for water resource management. It includes a variety of field excursions, meetings with individuals and representatives of organizations, and lectures in computer labs.

Wildlife Photography, Natural History, Science Communication

The course is led by a National Geographic photographer and biology professor. It focuses on discovering the natural history of the Mecsek Mountains and surrounding habitats where Pécs is located. Participants will learn how to find exciting plants and animals, how to photograph them effectively, and how to publish on different scientific and social media platforms.

For more information regarding the newly published programs, visit the official webpage dedicated to the Summer/Winter Schools of the University of Pécs by clicking here.

Let us join Mariam Maqsood, one of the former participants of the summer school from Pakistan as she reminisces her time with EDUC: Social Work and Social Ecology Summer School Program

“It was a fascinating experience for me as an international applicant to be a part of this blended summer school program which focused on how communities can respond to climatic crises and build sustainable communities. This journey with summer school was very significant for my academic and professional growth and it led me to develop my research direction as a recreational professional on the benefits of community gardening in urbanised areas. The program was a very comprehensive one in which we developed skills needed for conducting analysis and renovation of a community garden in Pécs, called the Zöld Folt Közösségi Kert”. With participants from different countries, this was an excellent opportunity for me to work on my inter-cultural communication and international team building. We were delighted to see the end results of our community work in which we managed to renovate the garden and refurbish the spaces there. Apart from this, the program was a unique blend of entertainment and knowledge and gave all the participants an opportunity to explore the city landmarks and reflect on its unique history and culture.

I definitely recommend all the students to take part in the exciting opportunities provided by the University of Pécs, one of which is the summer school because it augments academic growth and inter-cultural knowledge at the same time.”