19 Jan 2023

Final Closing Exam

The final examination consists of two parts in every undergraduate and master's study program. The first part is, to defence a thesis (BSC) / diploma work (MSc) and the second part is, to take a complex oral examination.

The writing and successful defence of the thesis/diploma work shall be a condition of the award of the diploma.

Those students can apply only for final examination who have completed the pre-degree certificate requirements. The pre-degree certificate means that a student has passed all the academic and examination requirements and the prescribed professional practice.

Check the Academic Calendar of the date of the Final Examination Exam Period

Topics of the complex oral examination (State exam)

Applied Mathematics MSc
Biology BSc
Biology MSc
Chemistry BSc
Chemistry MSc
Computer Science BSc
Earth Sciences BSc
Geography BSc
Geography MSc
Mathematics BSc
Physical Training BSc
Physics BSc
Physics MSc
Recreation MSc

Final closing Exam - January 2023

Biology BSc, MSc - 24. January 2023, 8 a.m., Room: E/331.

Computer Science BSc - 23. and 24. January 2023, 8 a.m., Room: F/111.

23. January: Abouelhassan Shehab Ibrahim Adbelazim, Bhatti Muhammad Hasan, Davaadorj Purevsuren, Deng Zhihui

24. January: Hasnain Syed Muhammad, Lewis Madison Buse

Earth Sciences BSc - 24. January 2023, 8 a.m., Room: "Szabó Pál Zoltán"

Geography BSc - 24. January 2023, 8 a.m., Room: "Prinz Gyula"