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11 Jan 2022


magyar zászló

Plant molecular biology

Development of gene silencing techniques: utility of promoter of double-stranded RNA produced in bacteria as well as promoter of small nuclear RNA genes for silencing in different species (Arabidopsis, grapes, maize).

Plant pathophysiology

Beta-aminobutyric acid induced resistance and priming physiological and molecular background in Arabidopsis and grape plants. The role of lipid-derived signaling molecules in the formation of priming. Molecular study of induced resistance in grapes. Collaborating partner: Brigitte Mauch-Mani; University of Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Plant abiotic stress responses

Effect of visible and UV components of solar radiation on flavonoid-based adaptation responses of hungaricum grape varieties at the molecular and gene expression level.

Plant anatomy and histology

Leaf anatomical characterization of plants (grape varieties), changes in their histological parameters for environmental effects. Methods: microtome incision technique, light microscopy. Collaborating partner: Institute of Pharmacognosy, University of Pécs.


Determination of phenolic fingerprints of plants (grape varieties), localization of flavonoids, their role in plant life. Methods: thin layer chromatography, HPLC, fluorescence and laser scanning microscopy. Collaborating partner: MTA SzBK.

Antioxidant tests

Changes in pro-oxidant (free radical, ROS) and antioxidant balance in leaves under UV-B (280–315 nm) radiation: adaptation and stress responses. Collaborating partners: Örebro University (Sweden), Maynooth University and UCC (Ireland).

Environmental responses and adaptation of natural plant taxa

Functional ecological responses of woody regeneration species (eg beech, hornbeam, oak, ash, invasive species) during forest regeneration. Field and climate controlled gas exchange measurements according to the most important abiotic factors (carbon dioxide, light, temperature, humidity).

Molecular phylogenetics

Phylogenetic relationships of the genera of the Hamelieae tribus (Rubiaceae). Carpathian Basin Ranunculus [subg. Batrachium DC. (A. Gray)] populations morphological and molecular taxonomic study. Molecular study of species of the genus Ceratophyllum. Sequence analysis of nuclear and chloroplast regions. Substitution Model Testing (MrModeltest), Bayesian Analysis (MrBayes), Parsimony, Maximum Likelihood, Bootstrap (PAUP).

Population genetics

Microsatellite-based study of native and invasive Solidago gigantea populations. Testing, examination and statistical evaluation of species-specific microsatellite regions. Determination of ploidy level by flow cytometry.