26 Sep 2023

Department of Human Geography and Urban Studies

angol zászló

Head: Dr. habil. Gábor Pirisi, PhD, associate professor

The department fulfils the education and research tasks concerning human geographical disciplines which lend a marked profile to the Institute of Geography. In addition to human geography courses offered to students of geography and geography teacher programs, staff is involved in teaching activities at other faculties of the university, thus underlining the interdisciplinary nature of geography. In order to popularise and continually revitalise the profession, talent scout for pupils and further training for teachers in secondary schools are also organised. Staff members are involved as experts at geography contests both home and abroad.

Also undertaking the co-ordination of human geographical research in the broadest sense, the Doctoral School relies primarily on our department. Among the fields of investigation there are population and settlement geography, global and regional issues of regional and economic integrations, sustainable development, regional issues of labour market, as well as cultural geography, a most recently developed discipline. On-going research is focused on sustainability, small towns, and the urban transformation issues but, along with theoretical investigations, staff members also contribute to particular projects.

Research Topics at the Department of Human Geography and Urban Studies

  • Sustainable (regional and settlement) development
  • Sustainable, responsible and ecotourism
  • Theory of sustainability
  • Small towns and their position among settlements
  • Functional settlement geographical analysis
  • Functional and formal urbanisation
  • Transportation, communication and accessibility
  • Transportation and regional development
  • (Transportation) infrastructure development
  • Historical and geographical issues of river navigation, railways
  • Airfield development
  • Settlement analysis
  • Gravity of settlements
  • Population geographic issues
  • Regional issues of labour market
  • Spatial differentiation
  • Space/geography in other sciences, disciplines
  • Spatial issues of culture and cultural infrastructure
  • The geographic issues of (higher) education and research
  • Geography of motorisation
  • Geography of modern industry
  • Dynamic functional (urban) morphology
  • Urbanisation in Hungary
  • The role of cultural economy in the spatial transformation of towns and cities
  • Town and gown
  • City Space Culture Project