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Key information:

  • Duration of training: 4 semesters (120 Credits)
  • Deadline of application: 30/June
  • Starting date: 1/ September (autumn intake only)
  • Tuition Fee: 4000 Euro/semester
  • Non-refundable application fee: 140 Euro
  • Head of the program: Gabor ALMASI PhD associate professor
  • Academic Coordinator: Zsuzsanna MARTON PhD associate professor

Description of the programme:

In the Physics MSc course, we offer comprehensive knowledge. Those skills and subject groups such as Modern Physics, Optics and Laser Physics, Physics of Quantum Systems, Atomic and Molecular Physics encompass the science of the main areas of Physics based on the bachelor’s level of Physics. Practical courses and seminars provide students with hands-on skills.

The seminars and practical courses outnumber the number of lectures in the curriculum. This is a good reflection of our preference for learning methods based upon active student participation. We encourage students' activity with homework, self-project tasks, and we support cooperative learning methods. The subjects of Quantum Systems and Laser Physics are closely related to the important research areas of the Institute of Physics.

Courses create a foundation for writing theses related to Quantum-Optics, Quantum Informatics, Laser Physics, and Nonlinear Optics and Terahertz Physics subjects and for student research work. Furthermore, students are prepared to enter a doctoral program. A variety of elective and optional courses allow students to deepen their knowledge in subjects that correspond to their individual interests.

Admission requirements:

  • Obtained Physics BSc degree;
  • High motivation and interest in Optical and laser Physics;
  • Certified B2 intermediate English knowledge;

Course description (syllabus) can be read by clicking on the name of the specific subject: en/education/mscen/Curriculum

Examples of subjects

1st Semester Courses

  • Mathematical methods in physics practice
  • Signals and systems lecture and practice
  • Nuclear and partial physics lecture and practice

2nd Semester Courses

  • Atomic and molecular physics lecture
  • Numerical Mathematics seminar
  • Condensed matter practice and lecture

3rd Semester Courses

  • Laser physics seminar
  • Femtosecond and nonlinear optics

4th Semester Courses

  • Quantum optics seminar
  • Quantum information seminar
  • Thesis writing

Future Education and Job Opportunities:

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