4 Jan 2022

Campus Mundi

The Campus Mundi international internship programme provides an opportunity for Hungarian students to contribute to the work of a business or organisation for a few months and gain work experience in an international environment.

Students engaged in BA, MA, one-tier and Ph.D. studies can equally apply for a 2-5-month-long international internship, designed to fill an intern position with a workload of at least 30 hours a week. Applicants are requested to look for a host organisation by themselves and provide a letter of acceptance as part of their application package.

The aim of the Campus Mundi project is to improve the quality of higher education – focused on employability – to support the mobility of students and to strengthen the international reputation of Hungarian higher educational institutions. Campus Mundi is coordinated by Tempus Public Foundation, coordinator of most of the well-known scholarship programmes such as Erasmus+, EEA Grants, CEEPUS, etc. Campus Mundi provides scholarships for nearly 9000 Hungarian students between 2016 - 2021. Students may apply for grants to finance international internships, short-term study visits and study abroad exchange student schemes.

Further info on request – outside of Europe:

  • Mr. Gábor CZÉH
  • czeh.gabor
  • Tel.: +36 72 501 509

Further info on request – inside of Europe:

  • Ms. Judit NÉMETH
  • erasmus
  • Tel.: +36 72 501 509