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14 Jan 2022

Department of Experimental Zoology and Neurobiology

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Address: 7624 Pécs, Ifjúság str. 6. Mailing address: 7604. Pécs Pf. 266.

Head of department: Dr. István Hernádi, associate professor


The staff of our department teaches the following subjects:

BSc in Biology in Hungarian and English:

Animal Physiology I. lecture
Animal Physiology II. lecture
Zoology practice
Zoology practice
Comparative Physiology I. - lecture
Comparative Physiology II. - lecture
Comparative Physiology - laboratory
Biological and chemical bases of gastronomy I.-II.

MSc in Biology and MA in Biology Teacher:

Neurobiology lecture
Neurobiology practice
Application writing and scientific communication lecture

Doctoral school:

English is a technical language

BA in Psychology:

Biological Foundations of Psychology I. lecture
Biological Foundations of Psychology II. lecture

English language courses:

Biological Basics I lecture
Biological Basics II lecture
Psychophysiology lecture

Our main activities

The research team is involved in the development of preclinical models of neurocognitive diseases in four laboratories:

1. Small rodent behavioural pharmacology lab at the Szentágothai Research Centre (SZRC),

2. Electrophysiology laboratory at the Faculty of Sciences (TTK),

3. Non human primate (NHP) laboratory at the Grastyán Translational Research Centre (GTKK),

4. Human psychophysiology lab at the Faculty of Sciences (TTK). Our research group has very strong industrial relationships and is also part of the Platform for Dementia Prevention (

Our research group also takes an active part in teaching at University: we teach in the undergraduate and graduate psychology programmes at the Faculty of Humanities, in the graduate programmes of General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacology at the Medical School and in the undergraduate and graduate programmes of Biology at the Faculty of Sciences. Our research group manages the Small Animal Core Facility at the Szentágothai Research Centre ( and the animal transport service of the University. Our research group takes an active role in organizing the University's Animal Welfare Committee ( and we represent the University in the European Animal Research Association (