International Labex SIGNALIFE PhD Program

2016. február 23., 10:31

The Labex SIGNALIFE is currently seeking applications from outstanding students in the Life Sciences for a total of 25 highly competitive, fully funded PhD positions in the area of Cell Signaling.

The scientific laboratory of excellence “Labex SIGNALIFE” is comprised of 6 leading research institutes from Nice, France with the participation of 49 top-level research teams. This will be the fourth recruitment for this PhD program, a 3-year PhD starting September 2016. The application deadline is April 1st, 2016.

We would like to attract top-ranking students from around the world for our international PhD program that will be held entirely in English. As part of our recruitment campaign you will find the attached advertisement poster, a list of 33 possible PhD projects and a brief description of the program. We would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this advertisement among your students, colleagues and friends to heighten visibility of this PhD program that offers great opportunities for young researchers in numerous areas of cell signaling in the south of France.

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