Final Closing Exam

The final examination consists of two parts in every undergraduate and master study programs. The first part is, to the defence a thesis (BSC) / diploma work (MSc) and the second part is, to take a complex oral examination.

The writing and successful defence of the thesis/diploma work shall be a condition of the award of the diploma.

Those students can apply only for final examination who have completed the pre-degree certificate requirements. The pre-degree certificate means that a student has passed all the academic and examination requirements and the prescribed professional practice.

Final Examination Exam Period of the Spring Semester 2017/2018 Academic Year is between 27-28 June 2018
Deadline to Apply for Final Exam: 25 May 2018

Graduating students can apply to final exam period via Neptun from 2 May 2018.

Steps of how to apply in the Neptun:

  1. Log in to Neptun. Choose Administration and then click on 'Final Exams'
  2. Choose the course "Final Exam" and go to the end of the line and click on the '+' sign and the modify the registration
  3. You will get back a successful notification in a pop-up window

Final Examination Topics - 2018

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