Application as an ERASMUS student is done via the Central ERASMUS Office of the Directorate for Academic Affairs.

1. Documents to complete before your ERASMUS period:

The whole application procedure with the necessary documentation is described here: Incoming student application
Please note that applications should never be directed to the Faculty, but to the Central ERASMUS Office. However, we encourage you that whenever you have questions regarding any of the courses or programs, contact the institutes directly. In any such enquiry, please clearly identify yourself and your sending university, be straightforward and focused on what you are uncertain about. Our academic staff have a high working load and administartion requirements, so please limit your communication to what is really essential.

2. Documents to complete before departing home:

Validation Form
You bring this document with you from your sending institution and have it validated by your coordinator before returning home. Your university might require a proof of arrival, too, to be validated upon your arrival at the receiving university.

Trancript of Records This document is produced for you by your coordinator when you have completed your courses in Pécs. You will find a blank TR document here, in which you need to fill in your personal data, university contact details and course names. Then send your transcript draft to your coordinator for being officially released, or hand it over during the ERASMUS contact hours.

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