Updates on entering Hungary

4 March 2021 9:12am

The Hungarian Government introduced new measures in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

As a main rule, based on a governmental decree effective as of 1 September 2020, only Hungarian citizens may enter the territory of Hungary in passenger traffic, however persons holding a valid residence permit issued by the aliens policing authority allowing for the residence in Hungary for a duration exceeding 90 days and presents this document upon entry ("D type visa is equivalent) are entitled to the same rights as Hungarian citizens, in terms of entering the country.

In case, you do not hold any of the above mentioned documents, the police authority may allow entry if you prove that the purpose of entry is meeting study or exam obligations under student status, certified by a document, which is issued by the educational institution, such as Letter of Acceptance, Student Status Certificate, etc. Therefore, foreign citizens, who are students studying in Hungary can enter the country.

In this article we will conclude the most important changes, and their effect on your arrival to our campuses.

If you have questions regarding education, orientation, starting dates or online registration and enrolment, please contact your faculty coordinator directly.

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