The work of the Physical Institute is among the most cited articles of the decade

26 January 2018 1:17pm

Dr János Hebling, professor of Faculty of Sciences, University of Pécs has published the most cited articles of the last decade in the optical magazine of Journal of the Optical Society of America B.

The title of the article is „Generation of high-power terahertz pulses by tilted-pulse-front excitation and their application possibilities”

Over the past decade, Dr János Hebling's work has played a decisive role in the production of terahertz impulses world-wide. Following his work, the Institute of Physics of the University of Pécs has won numerous international and national projects and plays a key role in international research projects. An important example is the one billion forint tender, within which a terahertz equipment was recently transported from the University of Pécs to Szeged to the Super Laser Centre (ELI). The last ten to fifteen years was mainly about producing high-intensity terahertz impulses. Now a new chapter is opened by the Terahertz research team at the Physics Institute of the University of Pécs, focusing mainly on the use of these impulses. It is planned that in the next 2-3 years, the Pécs laboratory will be equipped with devices that utilize terahertz impulses for electron and proton acceleration. These research can contribute among other things, to the cost-effective implementation of targeted destruction of cancer cells.

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