New regulations for entering Hungary from July 15th.

15 July 2020 12:24pm

These regulations will be reviewed by the government every week and are subject to change.

Countries are categorised as RED, YELLOW or GREEN.

Persons arriving from GREEN countries can enter Hungary without restrictions. Persons arriving from YELLOW countries will be subject to a medical check-up. Those who have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 or are suspected of having COVID-19 will be subject to mandatory 14 day isolation. It is possible to ask for permission from the local authority’s Public Health Department to leave the quarantine to undergo a PCR test. If this test is negative, the quarantine is no longer mandatory. If two negative PCR tests within the 5 days preceding arrival, taken at least 48 hours apart, can be proven the person must not enter isolation.

Persons arriving from RED countries who are not Hungarian citizens or Hungarian permanent residents*:
Persons will not be garanted entry by default, but can apply for police clearance**. If the police clearance is accepted, the same regulations apply as to persons arriving from yellow countries.
*Specifically which people this applies to is currently being investigated by the EGSC. An update will be posted.
**More information regarding this application process will come soon. Attached in the caption is a link wih some information.

Red countries *
Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Asian countries**, African countries**, Central and South American Countries**, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania**.
Yellow countries *
Norway, China, Japan, USA, Sweden, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Russia.
Green countries *
All remaining countries, including Croatia*.

If you flight involves a layover, make sure to check that the country of layover currently allows transits before you travel.
*At the time of posting 14/07/2020.
**Follow the attached link for a detailed list of affected countries.

Updates will follow as the situation evolves and more details are clarified. Attached in the caption are links to useful information.


source: AOK English-German Student Council

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