Google EarthEngine training

11 November 2016 10:20am

Institute of Geography is pleased to inform you that a Google Earth Engine training takes place in Pécs, University of Pécs Faculty of Sciences Institute of Geography, Training room A521 on Thursday 17th November, from 9.00 to 12.00.

The training is open to students and other experts, you just have to fill in the registration form.

  • Topic: Land cover and land use changes
  • Instructor: Noel Gorelick Chief Extraterrestrial Observer Google Earthengine

Also recommended for your attention Noel Gorelick’s another presentation a day before, 16th November from 13.40 to 14.10 on GIS day program.

  • Place: Conference Hall University of Pécs Faculty of Sciences Pécs, Ifjúság Street 6.
  • The title is Planetary Scale Analysis with Google Earth Engine.
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