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17 March 2020 4:25pm

Frequently asked questions and current questions and answers for students.

Dear Students,

Based on the compilation of the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs, please, let us share some information on the following period. (See the original text under this link, last accessed: 16 March 2020)

We tried our best to answer the majority of your questions. However, some pieces of information are still unclear even for us – the University’s central administration is working on the plan for the period of the state of emergency. We will keep you updated as often as we can, please, be patient!

We are, of course, available to answer your question if we can. Please, send inqueries to ttkto!


Distance learning

What does distance learning exactly mean?

Distance learning means that lecturers will share the class materials (presentations and assignments) at the platforms provided by the Faculty (probably Neptun, MS Office 365, Moodle). This may take the form of presentation, video, literature to be processed, case study etc.

What assistance do students receive from their lecturers during this period?

Until the return to the normal order of lecturing, lecturers will provide students with learning materials and home assignments that can be ordered to their classes, so that students can follow their studies at the adequate pace. Keeping in touch with the students will happen online.

How will students be able to process the materials of seminars?

The materials of seminars will be processed through examples and case studies. A prerequisite of this is that students acquire the theory part from the literature provided by the lecturer.

Can all subjects be completed in the given situation in the form of distance learning?

The instructors will provide information until 23 March 2020.

As the Knowledge Centre is closed, where is the literature necessary for the completion of the theses available?

Instructors will announce a recommendation for their students, involving all those online and free platforms where the literature necessary for the completion of the theses is available.

How will thesis consultations take place?

Consultations will take place online; please, contact your supervisor to discuss the methodology.

Will distance learning happen at the same time as the normal classroom presentation sessions?

Your instructors will be availale online during class time. Those courses where this form is not applicable, will be held in blocks. Your instructors will provide further information.


How will in-class tests and examination be managed if the current situation lasts for a longer period of time?

Both the examinations and the in-class tests will be made online. The possible platforms for this are Neptun, Unipoll, MS Office 365 and Moodle.

How will final exams be done?

We are planning to have them by the usual procedure as soon as the emergency situation is over. If the state of emergency continues, you will be informed of any changes.

How will I be able to complete the requirements of the courses?

You will be able to complete the requirements of the courses online, in the form of home essays, home assignments, individual work and case studies. The new sllyabi and new requirements of the courses will be decided by the instructors. The instructors of the university are currently working on changing the syllabi, you will be informed of the changes until 23 March 2020.

Schedule of the school year

Will the deadline for the submission of theses/dates of final examination/dates of admission interviews be changed?

For the time being we are not planning to change these deadlines, but of course the schedule of the school year will be changed as soon as the restrictions in force are eliminated, or if restrictions overrule the preliminarily fixed deadlines.

Consultation with the supervisors remains possible electronically. The deadline is 04 May 2020

Technical conditions

Your instructors will let you know of the platforms, softwares, technical requirements of the courses.

You will most probably need a webcam. If you do not have one, please contact ttkto

Dormitory, student id card, certificates

If it is necessary, how can I stay in the dormitory?

A request that can be found in the appendices of the Rector’s Decree No. 3/2020 must be submitted through Neptun, as usually, under the menu Administration/ Forms and guides. For more information see Rector’s Decree No. 3/2020 on the operational rules of the dormitories of the University of Pécs.

How long is my student ID card valid, when can I collect the verification sticker?

Student ID cards with verification stickers for the first semester of the school year 2019/2020 will be valid after 31 March, for a period of 15 days after the elimination of the emergency situation, and will be accepted by the transportation authorities. Students thus do not need to come just to collect the verification stickers, as it is prohibited by the rules in effect.

How will I get the decisions concerning my previously submitted requests and how can I submit new requests to the Registrar’s Office?

Please, submit your requests in scanned/photographed version, via email or to the e-mail address ttkto. Decisions made in connection with the requests and certificates required will be sent to students in scanned version or by postal mail.

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