First Place at the Nr. XXXIV. OTDK in the Physical Education and Sports Section!

11 April 2019 11:23am

Congratulations to our national and international students of the Institute of Sport Sciences and Physical Education for their participation of the XXXIV. OTDK at the Physical Education and Sports Section!

The Congratulation also goes for the professors who prepared them!

Ranked 1st!!!

Ahmed Othmani our first year Sport Biology PhD student from Tunisia has achieved the 1st place! The title of his paper: The relationship between anaerobic power and other physical components in soccer (Supervisors: Dr Tamás ATLASZ, Dr Márk VÁCZI)

What does 'TDK' mean?

"TDK" is an abbreviation of 'Tudományos Diákkör' in Hungarian and it stands for Scientific Students' Associations in English. It is an independent research opportunity offered to students at the faculty in the framework of the Scientific Students' Associations.

And what is OTDK stands for?

'OTDK' is also an abbreviation of 'Országos Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia' and it stands for National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations. The OTDK conference is organised in every second year, in different scientific sections - with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It is a scientific gathering where the most outstanding scientific papers of the best university and college students are evaluated by boards of renowned Hungarian scientists and professors. The opportunity to give a presentation at the national conference is only possible with the recommendation of the institutional board based on the opinion of invited peers who are well-known experts in a given professional field. The introduction and the possibility to give a presentation at any of the OTDK mainly gives moral recognition; students who get involved in the Hungarian National Scientific conference could use this opportunity also to obtain confirmation and new initiatives for their research work by comparing their own ones work with others.

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