Exhibiton of Artisanal Decorated Eggs

1 March 2018 3:32pm

You are warmly welcome to view the most beautiful creations of the Egg decorating course of the János Szentágothai Scientific Students' Association, that will be exhibited from 1-22 March 2018.

Photo by Joe Petersburger

Róbert Gábriel (dean of the Faculty of Sciences) and Gyula Berke (vice-rector of UP for education) are going to open the exhibition on 1 March 2018, 5 pm. The opening ceremony, as well as the exhibiton itself is open to the public.

Other artists whose works are also exhibited include: Éva Mosonyi, folk artist, Mrs. Ömböli Béláné, Emese Tékus, and Anna "Nusi" Tankó. There will be an photo exhibiton as well by Joe Petersburger (József L. Szentpéteri, ITD, University of Pécs).

  • Date of event: 1 March 2018, 5 pm - 22 March 2018, 5 pm.
  • Venue: Aula, Building "A" of the Szentágothai Research Centre, 20 Ifjúság str., Pécs
  • Contact person: Zsolt Hatvani
  • Contact person's email: hatvani
  • Contact person's phone: +3672501500 ext. 24372
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