How to Apply

The following steps describe the application procedure for the prospective students.

  1. Learn about the available study programs, fees, and entrance criterias here.
  2. If you chose your favourite program, click on Apply Now, and start your application.
  3. Register on our application site, fill the application form, upload the necessary documents and submit your application!
  4. After you have submitted your application, you are going to receive a notification for application fee payment.
  5. If we received your application fee, we are going to start the evaulation of your application, and invite you to the entrance exam
  6. If you succeed on the entrance exam, you receive the Conditional Acceptance Letter, and a notification for tuition fee payment.
  7. If we received your tuition fee, we issue you the Letter of Admission, and you can start arranging your travel to Pécs!

Language skills

Applicants must meet the minimum language requirements to be able to start their studies in the Faculty of Sciences, University of Pécs. B2 level is a minimum requirement, which is equivalent to an intermediate command of English. (e.g.ELTS minimum 5.5; or TOEFL minimum 66 score).

Applicants who do not meet the minimum language requirements have to start their studies with an English Language Preparatory Program.
More information can be found about it here.

After the enrolment to the first year - when your student status is established – tuition fees cannot be refunded!
Transfer applicants for BSc Computer Sciences are required to send in their records of their previous studies for evaluation. If a transfer student is granted exemption from having to complete a subject, she/he is eligible for tuition reduction by submitting a request.


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